Aerospace Design Challenges

Build a Soundmaker

Build a machine that makes sound waves by vibrating itself or the air around it.

Build a Helicopter

Build a helicopter that flies at least ten feet in the air and stays up for three seconds while carrying one penny.

Build a Lightweight Airplane Wing

Build a lightweight wing structure that is 12 inches long and can hold up a heavy load (weight) without deflecting.

Deploy a Satellite

Build a satellite with a 6-inch square body that can deploy its own solar wings and antennae, and can fit inside a 9-inch diameter tube.

Build a Plane Powered by Stored Energy

Build a plane that is powered by stored energy from a rubber band, balloon or spring. The plane should be able to fly straight for 5 feet.

Control a Microraptor's Flight

Make a flying raptor and control its flight with attached strings.

Engineer an Air-Powered Spinning Machine

Build an air-powered spinning machine inspired by Boeing CST-100 Starliner.

Engineer a Balloon Helicopter

Build a balloon helicopter that can fly at least 3 feet from the ground.

Design a Wind-Up Mars Rover

Build a Mars rover that can travel using elastic energy.