Biomimicry Design Challenges

Design a Set of Mechanical Genes

Design a set of mechanical genes that control the way something grows.

Make a Signal Horn

Build a signal horn to make low frequency sounds that can be heard from far away.

Make a Root System

Make a root system to help a plant stay put.

Make a Pine Cone

Make a pinecone that can open and close.

Build a Strong Honeycomb Structure

Build a honeycomb structure that is able to support a heavy textbook or more.

Camouflage an Animal

Camouflage an animal in any environment so that you can’t see it – even in plain sight.

Engineer a Redwood Tree

Build a redwood tree that is taller than you and that can stand on its own.

Build an Edible Skyscraper

Create a bio-glue that holds together a graham cracker skyscraper.

Build a Glider

Design and build a paper bird that can glide at least 6 feet.