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We challenge you to solve a problem in your community – are you up for it?

Solve a problem your family cares about using Al

Do you see problems in your community around transportation, health, education, safety, or the environment? You can solve them! Through 10 lessons you will work together to identify a problem you care about and create a solution using Al technology you learn about in our program. You’ll explore machine learning, different types of predictive models and how coding is tied into AI.

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Don't know a thing about Al or how it works? Don't let that stop you! People all over the world, just like you, have signed up for Technovation Families. Create an account to explore machine learning, different types of predictive models and foundational Al concepts like neural networks.

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Technovation Families participants

Any family can sign up! Family teams share 1 Technovation Families account, and must have:

  • Minimum 1 parent/guardian and 1 child ages 16 or younger per family team
  • 6 people maximum per family team
  • 2 adults per team maximum

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Technovation Families participants

Students 18 and under can create student accounts. Note that you will need parental consent for your account to be activated. Make sure to have your parent’s email access handy when you sign up.

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Ambassador or Teacher

Technovation Families program leaders

Ambassadors and educators can lead students or families through their learning journey. No technical expertise is required, only a passion for helping families or students in your community learn the skills they need to succeed in the future.

Ambassadors or Teachers should sign up with a “mentor” account.

Returning Ambassadors: Please note there is no international competition this season, but you are welcome to organize your own local celebration events!

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Technovation Families volunteers

Volunteer as a mentor by recruiting a couple of families to lead through the AI lessons and solve community problems. Sign up for a “mentor” account.

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It's important for families to learn about technology, because families should feel empowered to make differences in the world."

-Shiela B., Educator and Technovation Families Community Partner, US

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