All Design Challenges

Build a Planting Machine

Build a machine that distributes seeds precisely.

Build a Talking Truck

Build a truck that "talks" to alert when there is a problem.

Design Your Own Metamaterial

Make a structure that can change how waves move, and learn how to make things invisible!

Build a Magnetic Nanoparticle Coating

Design a coating for a magnet that will pick up different surfaces.

Engineer a Safe Stopping Robot

Engineer a robot that turns itself off when it leaves a safe area.

Design a Set of Mechanical Genes

Design a set of mechanical genes that control the way something grows.

Build a Long Spanning Wing

Build a wing that can support its own weight over a span of at least two feet. Inspired by Boeing’s Phantom Eye

Build a DNA Origami Inspired Structure

Make a container (out of pasta) that can travel along a zipline and deliver a cargo (candy).

Build a Robotic Face

Build a robotic face that can make facial expressions using simple machines.