All Design Challenges

Build a Cantilever

Make a cantilever that can hold 5 marbles at least 12 inches away from its base structure.

Build a 3-D Object out of Tetrahedra

Build a 3-D object out of tetrahedra that is as big as you are.

Make a Structure that Assembles Itself

Make pieces for a structure that builds itself using magnets.

Invent a Bio•bot

Use a microcontroller, motors, and mechanisms to make a robot that moves like a living creature!

Make a Wave Machine

Make a device that will carry a wave and record the wave’s movement.

Make a Signal Horn

Build a signal horn to make low frequency sounds that can be heard from far away.

Build a Water Pump

Build a water pump that can push water at least 1 foot in two directions.

Make a Mechanical Stegosaurus Tail

Make a mechanical tail that is strong enough to break through a piece of paper.

Build a Blooming Flower

Build a flower that can open to communicate with pollinating insects and birds.