All Design Challenges

Engineer an Air-Powered Spinning Machine

Build an air-powered spinning machine inspired by Boeing CST-100 Starliner.

Engineer a Pneumatic Creature

Create a creature that uses air to create motion.

Build a Buoyant Catamaran

Engineer a catamaran that can carry 15 ounces of cargo without sinking.

Engineer a Wind Powered Water Pump

Build a wind powered turbine that can pump water up from the ground.

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine

Build a machine that accomplishes a task in an inefficient way.

Make a Mechanical Theatre

Create a theatre show using characters made from simple machines.

Build a Strong Honeycomb Structure

Build a honeycomb structure that is able to support a heavy textbook or more.

Engineer a Speedboat

Build a fast, stable boat that can move through the water for long distances on a zip line.

Engineer an Ocean Bottom Sampler

Design a tool that can lift objects from a water depth of at least 1 foot.