All Design Challenges

Build a Self-Propelling Boat

Build a fast, stable boat that can move through the water for at least 1 foot using a hand-powered propeller.

Build a Bubble Switch

Make a bubble maze that allows bubbles to move through a series of “on” and “off” switches.

Build a Dinosaur Shadow Box

Create a series of shadow boxes to form a complete silhouette of a dinosaur.

Control a Microraptor's Flight

Make a flying raptor and control its flight with attached strings.

Design a Mechanical Pegboard

Build a peg board that lets you test multiple linkage systems and the types of movements.

Make a Root System

Make a root system to help a plant stay put.

Make a Pine Cone

Make a pinecone that can open and close.

Engineer an Air-Powered Spinning Machine

Build an air-powered spinning machine inspired by Boeing CST-100 Starliner.

Engineer a Pneumatic Creature

Create a creature that uses air to create motion.