All Design Challenges

Build an Edible Skyscraper

Create a bio-glue that holds together a graham cracker skyscraper.

Design a Wind-Up Mars Rover

Build a Mars rover that can travel using elastic energy.

Build a Glider

Design and build a paper bird that can glide at least 6 feet.

Build a Belt Mechanism

Create a simple machine that transfers motion from one straw to another using a belt. Make sure the direction of your motion remains the same.

Disperse Seeds Far and Wide

Build a device that will carry a seed at least 3 feet from where it is launched.

Design a Powerful Bird Wing

Design and build a powerful bird wing that can spin you around in an office chair when you flap it.

Engineer a Skyscraper for the Wind

Build a skyscraper that stands strong in the wind and is at least 18 inches tall.

Build a Wind Powered Sailboat

Build a sailboat that is powered by the wind.

Build a Submarine

Build a submarine that will dive down through the water and come back to the surface.