Biomechanics Design Challenges

Build a Robotic Face

Build a robotic face that can make facial expressions using simple machines.

Design a Set of Mechanical Genes

Design a set of mechanical genes that control the way something grows.

Balance a Dinosaur

Build a dinosaur at least 6" tall that can balance on two legs using counterbalances.

Engineer an Exoskeleton

Build a wearable device that will detect when your body moves.

Build a Vertical Jumping Machine

Make a machine that can jump up more than 3 feet.

Build a Water Pump

Build a water pump that can push water at least 1 foot in two directions.

Make a Mechanical Stegosaurus Tail

Make a mechanical tail that is strong enough to break through a piece of paper.

Build a Blooming Flower

Build a flower that can open to communicate with pollinating insects and birds.

Control a Microraptor's Flight

Make a flying raptor and control its flight with attached strings.