Technovation Families AI Lessons

Technovation Families is a free, hands-on artificial intelligence education competition that brings families, schools, communities, and technology know-it-alls together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with AI.

Each lesson provides different concepts and activities that lead to the creation of a final project, an invention that solves a problem in their community using AI. Through the lessons, families learn foundational skills needed to utilize and explore aspects of AI, while participating in hands on activities where they get to actually engage in building AI agents. After completing all ten lessons, families should have a well rounded understanding of AI and how it can be used to help solve tough problems in their own communities.

1. Become an AI Agent Expert


Agents sense their environment to take actions that achieve goals.

2. Create a Pattern-Finder AI Agent


Agents must gather information to make decisions.

3. Strengthen an AI Agent with Data


Data are pieces of information that represent our world.

4. Compete to Train Your ML Agent


Use machine learning to explore sentiment in text and compare agents trained with different datasets.

5. Brainstorm Your AI Invention


Think through problems in your community and brainstorm solutions.

6. Plan Your AI Invention


Learn how AI is changing the world and how you can use it in your invention to help your community.

7. Become an Expert for Your Plan


Decide which parts of your invention are the most important and what your invention will look like.

8. Build Your AI Invention


Take the first steps in creating your invention by making a simple prototype.

9. Pitch Your AI Invention


Create a pitch video to share your invention with the world.

10. Prepare to Submit


Prepare your materials and celebrate.

Meet the Community!

Join us as we embark on Season 3! Lead your community in learning about AI and solving problems in your community. Each participant will have a chance to submit their inventions to the World Championship in one of two divisions: Junior (11 years-old or younger) and Senior (12-16 years-old). Together, we can empower more communities to create and problem solve with artificial intelligence!

Join us by learning how to lead this program in your community or building a solution that’s important to you and your community! You don’t need to be a tech expert to participate. Curious? Check out these awesome projects from Season 2.