All Design Challenges

Make a Stable Boat

Build a boat that can hold as many pennies as possible.

Learn to Draw Proportions

Draw an animal with accurate proportions.

Engineer an Electric Switch

Build a switch that can complete a circuit to turn on an LED.

Engineer a Landing Device

Build a device that will slow down your payload as it falls so it lands gently when dropped from 8 feet high.

Build a Mighty Machine

Build a mighty machine that jumps up, sideways, or flips over. The whole structure should jump into the air.

Make a Flat Ball

Create a ball that is as round as possible using simple geometric shapes cut out of paper and taped together.

Make Drawings of Three-Dimensional Objects

Make scaled technical drawings of 3D objects using the Glass Box Theory.

Build a Suspension Bridge

Build a suspension bridge that spans 10 inches and can hold at least 15 pennies!

Build a Stomp Rocket

Design a stomp rocket propelled by air pressure that can fly at least 10 ft in the air.