Mechanical Engineering Design Challenges

Build a Light Dispersal System

Create a way to spread light inside a house to illuminate a picture

Build a Wind Powered Turbine

Engineer a machine that converts wind power into mechanical energy

Build a Planting Machine

Build a machine that distributes seeds precisely.

Build a Robotic Face

Build a robotic face that can make facial expressions using simple machines.

Construct a Crane

Build a crane that uses simple machines and mechanical advantage to move heavy objects.

Engineer an Automated Wrapping Machine

Build a machine that can make plane fuselage by wrapping a mold just like Boeing’s carbon fiber placement machines.

Build a Plane Painting Machine

Make a plane painting machine to draw a design on your airplane.

Make a Hydraulic Machine

Make a machine that uses a fluid to move and can lift at least 10 pennies.

Make a Water Transport Satellite

Make a satellite that can hold a cup of water and does not leak during a bumpy rocket launch.