Materials Science Design Challenges

Make a Nanostamp

Create a stamp to reproduce a drawing from a meter away quickly and accurately.

Build a Nanopipe

Create a tube that can separate different objects based on how you you build the walls.

Make Identical Quantum Dots

Make spheres that are all the same size.

Design Your Own Metamaterial

Make a structure that can change how waves move, and learn how to make things invisible!

Build a Magnetic Nanoparticle Coating

Design a coating for a magnet that will pick up different surfaces.

Build a DNA Origami Inspired Structure

Make a container (out of pasta) that can travel along a zipline and deliver a cargo (candy).

Build a Water Filter

Build a water filter that can clean dirty water.

Build a Lightweight Airplane Wing

Build a lightweight wing structure that is 12 inches long and can hold up a heavy load (weight) without deflecting.

Make a Structure that Assembles Itself

Make pieces for a structure that builds itself using magnets.