Electrical Engineering Design Challenges

Build a Talking Truck

Build a truck that "talks" to alert when there is a problem.

Engineer a Safe Stopping Robot

Engineer a robot that turns itself off when it leaves a safe area.

Build a “No Wire” Circuit

Create a circuit that has no metal wires and uses at least three different conductors.

Engineer an Electronic Water Level Detector

Build an open circuit that completes when the water level drops below a certain level and/or goes above a certain level.

Engineer a Fuel Level Detector

Engineer a sensor that can detect how much fuel is in your tank

Engineer an Exoskeleton

Build a wearable device that will detect when your body moves.

Hack a Box

Build a box that only you know how to open and is safe from hackers.

Build a Joystick

Build a joystick that can turn on and turn off multiple things

Build a Bubble Switch

Make a bubble maze that allows bubbles to move through a series of “on” and “off” switches.