Civil Engineering Design Challenges

Build a Planting Machine

Build a machine that distributes seeds precisely.

Build a Water Collection System

Engineer a structure that collects the most amount of rain water

Build a Long Spanning Wing

Build a wing that can support its own weight over a span of at least two feet. Inspired by Boeing’s Phantom Eye

Engineer an Electronic Water Level Detector

Build an open circuit that completes when the water level drops below a certain level and/or goes above a certain level.

Construct a Crane

Build a crane that uses simple machines and mechanical advantage to move heavy objects.

Build a Water Filter

Build a water filter that can clean dirty water.

Build a Cantilever

Make a cantilever that can hold 5 marbles at least 12 inches away from its base structure.

Build a 3-D Object out of Tetrahedra

Build a 3-D object out of tetrahedra that is as big as you are.

Engineer a Wind Powered Water Pump

Build a wind powered turbine that can pump water up from the ground.