Art of Science Design Challenges

Make a Nanostamp

Create a stamp to reproduce a drawing from a meter away quickly and accurately.

Build a Robotic Face

Build a robotic face that can make facial expressions using simple machines.

Make a Mechanical Theater

Create a theater show using characters made from simple machines.

Build a Soundmaker

Build a machine that makes sound waves by vibrating itself or the air around it.

Invent a Bio•bot

Use a microcontroller, motors, and mechanisms to make a robot that moves like a living creature!

Build a Blooming Flower

Build a flower that can open to communicate with pollinating insects and birds.

Build a Dinosaur Shadow Box

Create a series of shadow boxes to form a complete silhouette of a dinosaur.

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine

Build a machine that accomplishes a task in an inefficient way.

Camouflage an Animal

Camouflage an animal in any environment so that you can’t see it – even in plain sight.