Family Challenge

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Build a “No Wire” Circuit

Build a circuit using conductive everyday objects

Engineer a Safe Stopping Robot

Engineer a robot that turns itself off when it leaves a safe area.

Build a Neural Network

Create a network that classifies information

Build a Parallel Processing Machine

Build something that can sort data through multiple parallel channels

Build a Self Driving Car Game

Build a game board that acts as a system of circuits to alert and navigate around obstacles

Design a Robotic Arm

Design a robotic arm that can move a marble, a straw, and a coin from the table into a cup without using your hands.

Build a Robotic Face

Build a robotic face that can make facial expressions using simple machines.

Make a Mechanical Theater

Create a theater show using characters made from simple machines.

1: Describe your Community with Data

Tell your community's story by collecting data about it.

2: Identify Problems in your Community

Understand problems in your community by mapping out the causes that contribute to them.

3: Use AI to make an Animal Classifier

Learn about machine learning by using image recognition to classify animals.

4: Use AI to make a Preference Guesser

Use machine learning to guess what someone might like.

5: Use AI to make an Emotion Detector

Learn about natural language processing by creating a model that can guess someone's emotions.

6: Brainstorm AI Solutions

Revisit the problem you worked on during Lesson 2 and brainstorm how you could solve it using AI.

7: Plan your Invention

Decide which parts of your invention are the most important and what your invention will look like.

8: Prototype your Invention

Take the first steps in creating your invention by making a simple prototype.

9: Pitch your Invention

Create a pitch video to share your invention with the world.

10: Share your Invention

Upload all of your materials and celebrate.