How Do Children Succeed?

With curiosity, creativity, and persistence.

Like any other skill, it takes practice! We’re here to help you learn.

At Curiosity Machine, we practice by building hands-on engineering design challenges. We believe that through building, you learn not only how something works, but why it works.

And when a design doesn't work, why not? You’ll have to try new ideas, learn from your mistakes, and find your own solutions. Keep building, keep practicing, and with time you'll surprise yourself with your creative inventions.

Sounds challenging? We agree! That’s why we created Curiosity Machine. We support students, parents, educators, and mentors to build, learn, and teach using the engineering design process.

Together, we inspire children to succeed by being curious, creative, and persistent.

How Curiosity Machine Works

Create a student account and...

1 Find Inspiration

What makes scientists and engineers curious? Watch videos of the experts sharing their research and inventions.

2 Build a Design Challenge

Find a challenge and try to build it! Follow the engineering design process and document as you plan, build, and test.

3 Get Mentor Feedback

Stuck? Need support? Looking for a new idea? Join a membership and get feedback on your designs from a Curiosity Machine mentor.

4 Share What You Built

Wrap up your design by reflecting and sharing a photo. Check out other users' projects for more inspiration!

Curiosity Machine Supports You to Support Your Students

Parents: connect to your child’s account and learn how to build together

Educators: find resources for engineering challenges and track student progress

Mentors: guide students as they build engineering design challenges

Engineering Design Challenges

We work with scientists and engineers to create design challenges inspired by their inventions.

You learn about the science behind the challenge and try to build your own!

Our engineering design challenges:

  • Use simple household materials
  • Scale up or down for students K-12
  • Have many possible solutions — there’s never one right answer!
Mom and daughter build together

Supported by:

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