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We're on a mission to empower children and their families to become leaders and innovators of the future. And because we want every child to have the opportunity to build the future, Technovation Families is 100% free.

Whether you want quality learning challenges to do at home or curriculum for a classroom of eager learners, Technovation Families is a perfect source of inspiration to fuel curiosity, creativity, and perseverance while learning about the science and technology that will drive the future.

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world.

Together, we decide how.

Find out why Dina and Christina are one of more than 2800 families around the world taking part in the Technovation Families AI Challenge.

Did you know that Alexa and Siri use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer your questions? Or, that YouTube and Netflix recommend videos with the help of machine learning? Many technologies that surround us are changing how we work and play using AI.

Technovation Families is a free, hands-on AI education program that brings families, schools, communities, and industry mentors together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with AI.

Solve a problem with AI

Through Technovation Families, your understanding of AI will grow along with your confidence. Do you see problems in your community around transportation, health, education, safety, or the environment? As your family completes our program, you will work together to create a solution and a prototype using an AI technology.

Anyone can sign up at no cost

Don’t know a thing about AI or how it works? Don’t let that stop you! People all over the world, just like you, have signed up for Technovation Families. Create an account to explore machine learning, different types of predictive models and foundational AI concepts like neural networks. Families with children ages 8-15 can even submit their ideas into our World Summit !

Here's what you can expect in our program:

AIFC Badge

AI in Your Community

Complete these 10 lessons to solve a problem in your community with AI and submit to the AI World Championship.


20 hour program, 10 after-school sessions for families

Goal: Families solve a problem with AI and submit to AI World Championship.

Still a little nervous? We have 450 mentors (and growing!) all over the world, experienced in technology, lending a hand to families through our online platform and in their local communities.

Let’s change the world together. Join Technovation Families and be tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs today!

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Curious how self-driving cars work? Or, how to build an AI model that detects emotion in writing or a even Parallel Processing Machine?! Find that out and more by using simple, everyday materials found around your house to complete the projects.

Learn. Build. Change.

80,000+ families, and 15,000 mentors around the world have participated in Technovation Families design challenges since 2006. Here’s how participating in the program has impacted their lives.