Community Guidelines

Be Curious

Try something new! There are over 80 design challenges to choose from.

Be Creative

Check out a challenge's inspiration gallery and guide to get started, but try to build your own design!

Be Persistent

Your design didn't work like you thought it would? That's ok! "Redesign" is part of the process. Keep making changes, or build a whole new version.


  • Make your project look good! Check that your photo is in focus and that you can read the words on your plan.
  • Use short videos (2min or less!) to show your design in action.
  • Explain your process. Don’t be shy about sharing the parts of your design that aren’t working.
A robot poses with its project


  • Never share your password or other personal information. Iridescent staff will never ask for it.
  • Don’t show your location in your photos and videos.
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or isn’t following these guidelines, let us know. You can email [email protected].
A robot should never share their password

Working with Mentors

  • Mentors are volunteers who give their time to help you, so keep it on-topic! Only post photos and videos related to your project.
  • If you're stuck, ask your mentor questions about what isn't working. They’re here to help!
  • Don't leave your mentor hanging. Try their suggestion and let them know how it went.
A robot mentor does a cool trick

Internet Safety

Technovation Families is an online community. Please take a few minutes to explore our internet safety training and learn how to interact with other people safely and responsibly online.

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