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Curiosity Machine works with industry experts to bring science and engineering education to children and families. By partnering with us, your company’s employees have the unique chance to:

  • Develop design challenges to inspire children, based on your company’s work

    We train engineers and scientists to develop hands-on design challenges—projects for children and their families to build over the course of a few hours—using simple household materials. Each challenge explores a key science and engineering concept distilled from the work you do every day.

  • Feature your company’s work in animated videos for children

    Work with the Curiosity Machine team to produce a high quality video that explains your company’s cutting-edge innovation and inspires children to explore the topic themselves.

  • Become a role model

    Scientists and engineers are trained on how to guide children as mentors. They share their strategies and provide feedback as children progress through the engineering design process either online or in-person.

  • Professional Training: Technical Communication for Lay Audiences

    Learn how to lead an in-person Curiosity Machine session in your community through our Professional Training: Technical Communication for Lay Audiences.

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Your team could be online mentors with Curiosity Machine.

On Curiosity Machine, mentors support students as they build solutions to engineering design challenges. There are multiple ways for mentors to work with students and/or educators — find the best fit for you!

As a Curiosity Machine mentor, they will...

  • Improve their communication and mentoring skills
  • Inspire students by sharing the skills they use every day
  • Connect with multiple students or groups of students across the US
  • Join our community of STEM professionals
Mentor and student interaction example

Be a part of the Artificial Intelligence Family Challenge

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