Mechanical Engineering Design Challenges

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine

Build a machine that accomplishes a task in an inefficient way.

Engineer an Ocean Bottom Sampler

Design a tool that can lift objects from a water depth of at least 1 foot.

Engineer a Balloon Helicopter

Build a balloon helicopter that can fly at least 3 feet from the ground.

Build a Cam Mechanism

Create a simple machine that transfers a rotational motion into a linear vertical motion.

Build a Joint Mechanism

Turn a straw into a simple machine that works in the same way that the joints in your body work.

Build a Crank Mechanism

Build a simple machine that transfers rotational motion into linear reciprocating motion (repetitive back and forth motion).

Engineer a Space Tool

Design a tool that an astronaut could use to pick up an object in space.

Design a Wind-Up Mars Rover

Build a Mars rover that can travel using elastic energy.

Build a Belt Mechanism

Create a simple machine that transfers motion from one straw to another using a belt. Make sure the direction of your motion remains the same.