Bring Engineering to Your Classroom

Teach hands-on science with simple materials.

With the engineering design process as a guide, your students will plan, build, and test their designs. They’ll document each step on Curiosity Machine, where you can create groups and add your students to see their progress.

Educators everywhere are using Curiosity Machine in:

  • K-12 classrooms
  • After school clubs
  • Family science programs
  • Makerspaces
  • Libraries, summer camps, etc.
Teacher and child build together

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Educator Resources


Choose a series of Curiosity Machine design challenges, or create your own!

Flight Unit

Inspire young students to make observations and find solutions to problems.

Summer of Invention Unit

Inspire elementary students to design for constraints and test solutions.

BioBots Unit

A collection of design challenges that explore different types of engineering.

NGSS Alignment

Want to do hands-on projects and hit standards at the same time? Curiosity Machine has you covered. Our design challenges are aligned to elementary NGSS standards, and middle school alignment is on the way.

More Resources

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