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Your child is the future. So is artificial intelligence.

Join the world’s largest family technology program - the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge. Every year, the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge offers families around the world the opportunity to become technology innovators and entrepreneurs.

Children ages 8 to 15 and their families learn to use AI technologies and tools to solve problems in their communities around transportation, community-building, health, education, crime, safety, air and water quality, emotional well being, and the environment. They also learn how to communicate these ideas and translate them into a real business.

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Accessible to all.

There is no cost to participate, and anyone can join! You will learn about how self-driving cars work, and how your phones are able to recognize your face and voice and act on what you say. You will do all this using simple, everyday materials that you can find around the house.

Join Us. Learn. Build. Change.

We change the lives of both children and parents.

  • 89% of children were more persistent after engaging in Iridescent’s family programs
  • 94% of children were less averse to challenges
  • 94% of parents did more hands-on science projects at home - after Iridescent’s programs

It's your world. Make it better!

Since 2006, more than 80,000 children and parents across the world have participated in Curiosity Machine. With the help of volunteer mentors, families have explored exciting, cutting-edge topics ranging from aerospace to nanotechnology.

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