Welcome to the AI Family Challenge

Artificial Intelligence is changing our world.

Together, we decide how.

View the 2018 Communities from all around the world participating in the Curiosity Machine AI Family Challenge. Join them today

Every day, technologies like AI are changing how we work and play.

But too many families worldwide don’t have a place to learn how these technologies that affect all of us, work.

Together, we change that.

Join us for the AI Family Challenge, a program bringing families, schools, communities, and technology leaders together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with AI.

Be tomorrow’s innovators and entrepreneurs today.

Families with children ages 8-15 learn and work together using AI technologies and tools to solve problems in their communities.

See a transportation, health, education, safety, environment, or mental health problem in your community? Let’s fix it.

Get Started.

Curious how self-driving cars work? Or, how to build an emotion detector or a parallel processor?! Find that out and more using simple, everyday materials found around your house.

Join Us. Learn. Build. Change.

80,000+ children and parents around the world have participated in Curiosity Machine since 2006. Here is what some of our families and coaches have to say about the program:

[This is] an awesome program that helps stimulate the brain to think about ai and the possibilities arising from it.
Father, Pakistan
A lot of parents reached out to me personally and were very satisfied with the initiative. They felt [that this program is] something that their kids don't get to experience at school and highly appreciated the curriculum.
Coach, India