AI World Championship

AI World Championship

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of parents believe their child has developed a sustained interest in AI.

of parents said they were more likely to take action to improve their community.

of parents believe their child is capable of creating an AI model in the future.

of parents believe they know the prerequisites for their child to pursue either an AI or STEM career.

Meet our 2019 finalist teams, chosen from over 200 AI invention submissions, and get inspired!

Senior Division


United States of America

For generations, children everywhere have dealt with the nuisance of dogs defecating in their yards and needing to clean it up. Meet shoo, a dog deterrent device built with AI technology.

Shoo uses a live camera to collect images and pass them through an image recognition algorithm to determine if a dog is in a specified area. If an animal is present, the device emits a high pitch sound that deters it from staying. The prototype uses Raspberry Pi and the algorithm is written via Scratch X.

Scoutbot WaterGuardian


Yearly, thousands of children drown across the world. Scoutbot WaterGuardian is an invention that notifies adults of risky swimming behavior via swimming caps equipped with alert systems.

Scoutbot Waterguardian’s prototype is a wearable device that uses an image analysis algorithm to determine if a swimmer is safe. To train their model, the team collected data from people wearing their prototype while underwater. If a person is at risk, the prototype will produce an alert that could be sent to the adult's or Water Guardian's mobile.

Spiky! Bullying Detector


Spiky is a mobile application that helps adults recognize when a child is being bullied. The invention uses machine learning to analyze communications from a child to guess the probability of bullying. Spiky will send an alert to parents if action is needed.

The user can input data into the mobile application via a series of rating questions. Based on the data, the AI algorithm will determine appropriate follow-up questions. A child’s answers to the follow-up questions can be used to further train the model and notify a parent of the risk level. The Spiky team also plans on collecting images from schools to be used in addition to the text input.

Junior Division

My Drawings Speak Up


Everyone has the right to feel safe, loved and accepted, but bullying is a problem that affects millions of students each day. My Drawings Speak Up is an invention that analyzes students’ drawings to indicate if a parent needs to seek professional support.

This invention uses image recognition technology to analyze children's drawings and notify an adult when a child is facing bullying (violence). The algorithm was trained using hand-drawn images from children as well as drawings from trained psychologists.

Duckweed Vacuum Cleaner


Duckweed is a plant that negatively impacts Lake Titicaca. Duckweed Vacuum Cleaner classifies and removes the plant from the water.

This prototype uses a camera to collect data for its image recognition algorithm. Once it’s determined that the harmful duckweed is present, the prototype (controlled by Raspberry Pi and powered by a DC motor) vacuums up the duckweed.

Cavity Crusher


Even though dentists report that proper tooth brushing can help in maintain oral health, an increasing number of children are facing tooth decay problems. Cavity Crusher uses AI to monitor a child’s brushing habits and notifies adults if more time should be spent on the task.

Cavity Crusher’s algorithm uses time of brushing to determine a child’s oral health habits. If the model determines inadequate toothbrushing, it will notify the parent. Prior to this prototype, the family built a model able to recognize images of toothbrushing. However, they determined more accurate results could be achieved with number data.

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