Welcome to the AI Family Challenge

Season 2 starts in August!

What are the submission requirements?

To submit your invention to the AI World Championship:

  • Remember, each team can only submit once and to one division
  • All materials must be submitted online in English (or include English subtitles)
  • Click here for a video to help you get started

Login to your family dashboard:

  • On the World Championship tab you will:
Review account details

Ensure all family information is accurate.

Complete the post survey

10 minutes to help improve the program

Then, you can submit to the judges:

  • Click the I'm Ready to Submit button to enter the AI World Championship!
  • Have these materials ready to submit:
Invention Name and Description

100 word maximum description

Pitch Video

Must be less than 5 minutes long.

Share a Youtube link, Vimeo link, Youku link, or direct upload to the site.

≤ 4 Pictures (optional)

Share via direct upload and 15 word description.