Build a STEM Learning Community

Bring Curiosity Machine to your school, district, or community-based organization

Curiosity Machine memberships support groups of users by providing access to substantial resources and tools. Memberships are specifically designed for schools and other organizations that use Curiosity Machine with multiple students and educators.

While we aren't offering individual memberships yet, there are plenty of design challenges to explore on your own (check out the "free" and "Boeing" filters on the design challenge page once you create your free account!).

If you have questions about memberships, we'd love to help! Get in touch with us at

Curiosity Machine memberships can include:

  • Educator training
  • Parent trainings
  • Access to additional design challenges and their educator resources (including lesson plans, student worksheets, alignment to NGSS and more)
  • 1-on-1 feedback on student projects from mentors
  • Online support from Curiosity Machine staff to create a community of parents, educators, and mentors

Get in touch with us to learn more about purchasing a Curiosity Machine membership. Membership features and cost are customized to your site's size and needs.

Educator Training

Curiosity Machine trains educators on how to best use Curiosity Machine at their site.

In this 2-3 hour in-person or online training, educators and teachers will learn to:

  • Navigate Curiosity Machine, engineering design challenges, and educator units (which include lesson plans, student worksheets, and alignment to NGSS standards)
  • Facilitate STEM exploration through hands-on project-based learning
  • Implement Curiosity Machine in a classroom or afterschool program
  • Use the engineering design process with students

Group of students test their creations

Parent Training

Curiosity Machine offers two types of parent training:

Parent Learning Pedagogy Training

Also applicable to caregivers

In this ~2 hour in-person or online training, parents will learn to:

  • Support their child(ren)’s learning at home and in school
  • Foster children’s curiosity, creativity, and perseverance by building engineering design challenges
  • Apply Curiosity Machine’s techniques for encouraging a growth mindset, asking open-ended questions, and recognizing unconscious biases
  • Use Curiosity Machine as a tool for hands-on, engaging science learning at home

Parent Leader Program Implementation Training

Also applicable to community-based organizations and caregivers

In this ~2 hour training, parents will learn to:

  • Host Curiosity Machine sessions for families at their site or school
  • Organize parent volunteers and plan logistics for a successful event
  • Navigate Curiosity Machine and use it to facilitate engineering design challenges

The purpose of this training is to teach parents and community leaders how to organize Curiosity Machine family events. Participants will learn about program logistics in order to have successful self-sufficient Curiosity Machine sessions at their site.

Group of children build together

Online Support

Need help with something else? Our team can also consult with you on:

  • Questions about materials for engineering design challenges
  • Sequencing engineering design challenges for your program
  • Resources for starting a Curiosity Machine program in your community
  • How to adapt the educator resources for your program

Email with your request. We’ll work with you to determine the scope of your project and an hourly rate.

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