what is curiosity machine?

Iridescent's Curiosity Machine hosts a collection of exciting (and sometimes very challenging) experiments and projects designed for children, along with their parents, to encourage curiosity, creativity and persistence!

The Curiosity Machine curriculumback to top

We develop profound science explanations that can be understandable in a more intuitive way through a hands-on activity. Our goal is to cover all the topics required for K12 National Science Standards for Education. Our lessons are developed by real engineers and scientists to communicate their work to the public in a way that inspires self-directed experimentation, exploration and discovery. The experiments illustrate the central concept of their research or work. The explanations are jargon-free and rely heavily on analogies and metaphors. The experiments requires the use only low-cost materials that can be easily find around the house or acquired at a grocery store. They are open-ended to encourage redesign and improvement.

Student's skills developmentback to top

Our badge framework allows children to develop the following skills while progressing through badges:

  • Deeper understanding of science content by
      1) more sophisticated technical vocabulary;
      2) ability to articulate the major questions of specific scientific fields.

  • Deeper understanding and application of the engineering design process. Students will be able to state the problem, generate ideas, design a solution, build the model/conduct the experiment, analyze data, evaluate and make recommendations for improvement.

  • Increased persistence in troubleshooting and redesigning. Students will try different approaches to make their model work.

  • Improved critical-thinking and analysis skills. Students will be able to analyze other students' projects, replicate their failure and develop an alternative solution.

  • Improved critical-thinking and analysis skills. Students will be able to analyze other students' projects, replicate their failure and develop an alternative solution.

Partnership and Feedbackback to top

We believe that fostering interactions between educators, scientists and parents can improve the way we learn science throughout our lives.

We invite you to use our platform with your students, test our curriculum and provide us with feedback on how to improve it.

You can freely contact us for more information on how to make good use of the Curiosity Machine.

Experiment with your childback to top

The Curiosity Machine is a place for experimentation, where your children can build hands-on engineering projects that allows them to design their own inventions, assemble, disassemble, and keep trying until it works.

By building projects out of very low-cost household materials, your children will learn about science topics that fit into the National Science Standards of Education. Unlike most projects for kids, very detailed step-by-step instructions are not given here. Part of the challenge is figuring out what the instructions are, how to build your invention. Children must build and tinker and persist. They will make mistakes, but they can always change their design and try again. Finding a wrong design is as much a part of the process of learning as finding the right one.

Take the time to sit with your child, pick an experiment to build, find materials (you can find most of them around your house), look for solutions and have fun together! Videotape this experience with your cellphone (download our phone app) or a camera and post the ideas, successes and failures. Your kid will have the chance to get feedback from scientists and engineers on how to improve her inventions. The Curiosity Machine has a game component so kids can progress through levels and win badges.

online Privacy Protection for children under 13back to top

Iridescent is committed to protecting children's online privacy. Because your child may be under the age of 13, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires that Curiositymachine.org obtain your permission to collect and store certain information. If this is your case, you will have to fax or mail us a Parental Consent form.